Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EHEIM OPAL - Near disaster

Had a near disaster in my EHEIM tank. Cranked up the CO2 too high overnight and almost lost everything. All my fish were at the surface stressed and trying to breathe. Immediately did a large water change and used an airpump. They are much better now.

I have never seen the drop checker so yellow.
Here is an updated whole tank show of the EHEIM OPAL. HC is filling in very nicely now. Trimmed the stems last week but now the moss needs a trim.

SHRIMP TANK - Shrimplet Photos

Sorry guys, I am getting busier and busier these days and thus slowing down on my updates. Seems like all the shrimplets from that black S female have grown. I have counted close to 15 but it could be 20s or more in total.
Half look to be red and half are black - most are A grades which is a little disappointing. I have seen one SS black so far. Will post some snapshots above. Funny thing is... she is pregnant again.

Will keep everyone posted

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another update,

Had a heatwave the other day and the fluctuating temperature may have killed a few shrimplets. There are still a few alive and I am feeding them the Biozyme daily.
Above is a picture of the female pregnant SS I promised. I shot it at a side angle because I thought it looked artistic.
I will post some pics of the shrimplets up when they are a little bigger.
They are still very small.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SHRIMP TANK - More photos

top left: about 5 days old - shrimplets (the SS Black female in the right is the one that got berried yesterday)
top right: Pregnant female fanning her eggs

I apologise for not having posted for a while. Am getting really busy these days and have not had enough time to update my blog.

Lots of things have happened.

1. Firstly that Black Female (see october 27 2011) has produced shrimplets yesterday. I saw a few swimming around.
2. Also, one of my black SS females have berried yesterday so I am pretty excited about that. Will post some pics of her in the next update.
3. The past week has been scorching hot and a lot of water has evaporated. I have not had the time to do proper water changes and my TDS has risen from 130 to 165. I am in the process of aging some water.
4. I have just got some Biomax and Biozyme food in. Will post some reviews later on once i get to try the food properly.

A few of the shrimplets from the black A grade female look SS in pattern. They also look red! I havent got round to posting up those pics up yet but I will post what pics I have soon.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I was sitting watching my breeding box this morning and decided to take a video.
Just got lucky catching two of my shrimp having a good time.
Well maybe it was just the male....
The female approaches the male and thinks to herself "Oh Sh*t". She turns away from him
but it is too late, he chases her and joins with her belly to belly. A successful mating.
Enjoy the video

SHRIMP TANK - Whole Tank Photo

I have been requested by a viewer to post up a whole tank photo of my shrimp tank. The scape is not all that interesting as I try not fiddle with the tank too much (unlike the other tank). Anyway, here it is.
Here is a bried description. To the right is the shrimp house made of carbon. The field in front of it is filled with staurogyne which I thought was very pretty. To the left is a large clump of Subwassertang and Hydrocotyle. Reason why i used Wassertang is because shrimplets love it. The shrimp housing is covered in Peacock moss and towards the middle is ordinary Java moss which is always reliable. To the back left there is some Water Sprite and Red/Green Milfoil.

I cover my intake with normal netting to avoid shrimpets from being sucked in. People have used sponges but I prefer netting as it does not get dirty or clogged easily. On the driftwood towards the centre is Fissidens. Its for display only really.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the photos. And coming up next in the blog is a VIDEO captured this morning of my shrimp mating.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

EHEIM OPAL - Tank Update

Here is the whole tank shot as promised.

Front left: (on tile) Mini Pellia
Front left: Staurogyne Tropica
Front left: Pogostem Helferi
Front left: Red Tiger Lotus
Front left: Anubias
Front left: Hygro Pinnatifida
Front left: (back) Limnophilia vietnam mini
Front left: (towards back corner) Limnophilia mini vietnam
Front left middle: Hemianthus micranthemoides or HM
Front left middle: (on driftwood) Peacock moss
Front left middle: (on driftwood arms) Peacock moss
Front left middle: (on driftwood left arm) Weeping moss
Front left middle: (on driftwood root branch) USS fissidens
Front left middle: Tricolor Lotus
Front left back: Ambulia spp. green
Center (just left of driftwood): Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Center front: Glosso
Center back: Proserpinaca Palustris
Center middle: Hemianthus callitrichoides or HC
Center middle: Lilaeopsis
Right back: More Ambulia
Right back (little towards center): Baby tears
Right: (on driftwood): USS Fissidens (left arm)
Right: (on driftwood): Peacock moss (center arms)
Right: (on driftwood): Windelov Lace Java Fern, Narrow Leaf Java Fern and normal Java Fern
Right: (on driftwood): Java Moss (right arm)
Right: (front) Limnophilia Vietnam mini
Right: I think the red stem is Rotala Macandra
Right: Red Ambulia
Floating on surface of tank - Amazon Frogbit

3x Siamese Algae Eaters (Bully, Smartie, Dummy)
2x Borneo Hillside Suckers (Rocky and Cutie)
1x Albino Bristlenose Plec (Ugly)
4x Corydoras Pigmaeus
3x Blue Rams (Male is Tommy)
2x Clown Killifish
15x Cherry shrimp
2x Corydoras Julii
4x Cardinal tetras

EHEIM OPAL - Peacock Moss Before and After

Remember my driftwood in July? Well it is now almost completely covered in the peacock moss. Just love how this moss grows. Its fronds look so feathery and lush.
I am now looking for some weeping moss to contrast this.