Saturday, January 28, 2012

[EHEIM OPAL] Small update

Not much to update this week. I have been to busy to do anything at all but it seems the HC is getting very bushy now compared to when I started this tank. The Peacock moss top left corner picture - looks very puffy - like green candy floss. Such a beautiful moss.
I am trying to sort out the CO2 tubing to the left of the picture. It looks terrible and im thinking of replacing it when i get some more time.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

EHEIM OPAL - Shrimplet survival

Above left: A picture of the EHEIM OPAL. As you can see ive added some driftwood to the back right area. My Clown Killies have died (of age rather than disease) - they dont seem to live very long.

I have been lazy on the updates because I do not have any days off work for the next 3 weeks. Life is getting busier but there will be more updates once this period passes. I have sold my nano tank and have acquired a slightly larger one. Will post up some pics of it at a later date.
Anyway a quick update for those interested.

Rarer mosses
I have added some NANO moss into my tank. However after a period of 2 days they were eaten by SAE. A lesson learned! Nano moss and SAE do not mix.
Now I know what happened to my weeping moss!! I was wondering why it was never growing but those cheeky SAE have been chewing on the leaves!!! After 1 week in a different tank it is now growing slowly.
Anyway, here are some snapshots of my peacock moss. I just love this moss. Cannot get enough of it.

Quick update on my shrimp
My SSS and SS shrimplets all died last week and I spent the week brainstorming. I asked two advanced shrimp keepers for help. One keeper kindly gave me some advice and the other did not reply. Thanks for your help Gyung if you ever stumble across this page. I have also spend the week browsing various web forums for answers to this problem and it seems to come down two things over and over again. It seems my water change killed all the young shrimplets. Another lesson learned.

1. Water stability
2. Bacteria population

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SHRIMP TANK - Heatwave

There has been a heatwave in Sydney and the temps have been reaching 32 degrees in my area. My second shrimp tank has no chiller and has been hitting 30 degrees C. I am hoping Darwin Red Nose Shrimp can tolerate such temperatures.
The other tank has the chiller constantly running but the fluctuations in temperature has caused 2 shrimp to become berried.
So far they seem happy. I bought an EHEIM feeder the other day and dropped a lot of pellets into my main tank. Spent all night vacuuming the gravel. They seem alright this morning. Seems all the cherry shrimp have cleaned it up overnight.
Not much of an update this week but January is going to be very busy for me.