Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SHRIMP TANK - New setup

Picture1 - Tank has just been filled with water.
Picture2 - Dechlorination and aging the water using an air stone.
Picture3 - Added the planted driftwood (mini pellia + peacock moss) and got the filter running.

Hi guys,

Sorry I have been too busy this month so I am late on the updates - again! Well this is a big update because I have set up a NEW tank with Benibachi Shrimp Soil. I guess that is one of the main reasons why I have been so busy.

This is very exciting because this is close to my dream setup. Benibachi soil is very popular because it is made for shrimp and designed for shrimp. It buffers the pH to 6.5 which is ideal and its granules are super fine. The shrimp are able to pick up the granules and roll them around their claws to pick off any food.

This time I have focused on filtration. The filtration I am using is a called a Hamburgen Mattenfilter which uses imported Poret sponge to filter the water. Why is this good? Well because it has a HUGE biological advantage to canister filters. On top of that, I have a canister filter running together with it to help with mechanical filtration.
Overfiltration? Maybe... But I just wanted to give the shrimp the best water quality possible.

2 foot 100 Litres. I guess it is an upgrade compared to my Juwel Rekord (which I still have but is elsewhere for now. (Thankyou Chipsta for pointing out this error)

Oh the shrimp... Well I will post an update on the snow whites next post (to be continued... )

You wont be disappoined. Fingers crossed.

Monday, February 6, 2012

SHRIMP TANK - Snow White?!

So here is an exciting update!

I was looking in the shrimp tank yesterday and I found not one but three snow white shrimplets! They popped out from the SS black female so I wonder how they will look when they grow up a bit. I am not expecting much at the moment as shrimplets always seem to die on me but these three are definately very exciting and I will keep a close on eye on them.

More updates to follow if they survive.