Sunday, March 25, 2012

SHRIMP TANK - Restarted due to a move

I have restarted my shrimp tank as I have moved it into my office. The driftwood fungus overtook the mini pellia completely and killed it so I am currently trying to save it in a breeder box. I will have to plant the driftwood AFTER the fungus recedes this time round. Hopefully it will not return.

New arrivals to my EHEIM OPAL to keep "Ugly" my female Bristlenose happy.

- 2x Albino Bristlenose
- 2x Otocinclus
- 2x Longfinned Bristlenose

Will post up some pics of them later on.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

[EHEIM OPAL] Still Messy

It is a Pain in the ARSE to update my blog these days because quick edit is refusing to show up. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!!

Here is a quick update on my tank.

Firstly an update on the regulator. I managed to use a Hex key to screw out the middle nut of the cylinder. This enabled me to screw in the regulator okay. I then tightened it and checked it for leaks - all good.

Secondly, the EHEIM tank is looking a little better but the Tonina fluviatilis is growing so damn quickly!! In dire need of a trim. Also the Syngonathus spp. are growing roots along the stems - it looks terrible and I may have to replant them in future!

Tank is still in a mess as I have a breeder box floating around and my stainless steel meshes are stuck to the side of the tank. Slowly cleaning away the mess but it still needs a long way to go.

Next in purchase list

1. Lily Pipes (damn i want these bad but I am terrible with glass)
2. Yes tank needs a background - still thinking about it.
3. Pogo Helferi - would love to get my hands on these for the foreground. Im sick of them melting away though.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

[EHEIM OPAL] New Regulator

I recently purchased a new regulator only to find out the connections mismatch! I will try use an A-Key to see if I can modify it a little.

Also I recently acquired the following plants:

1. Eriocaulon sp. shiga
2. Syngonathus 'manaus'
3. Syngonathus 'belem'

Difference between the two is visible in the leaves. The belem subspecies has leaves that curl downward compared to the manaus subspecies. I will post pictures later on when the tank settles a bit. It is a bit messy at the moment from all the trimmings and such.

Monday, March 12, 2012

[EHEIM OPAL] Addicted to plants

Hi guys, I have sold off a lot of my plants in my EHEIM Opal to make way for new plants as mentioned previously. Hence my tank looks a bit scrappy at the moment. I apologise for the cloudiness of the water. I just finished re-scaping the tank.

Here is a new list of new plants I recently acquired:

1. Crinum Calamistratum (planted in the middle - octopus looking plant)
2. Tri-colour lotus (planted towards the front left - mostly melted probably wont survive)
3. Tonina fluviatilis (planted towards the back left in a row. bright green plant)
4. Ludwigia senegalensis (planted front rightmost corner of tank - looks scrappy at the moment)
5. Ludwigia sp Cuba (planted far left corner of the tank - 3 stems)
6. Marimo ball (got one large one in there left corner)
7. Taiwan moss (planted in my shrimp tank - will update later on)

And here is the list of my updated plant list.
1. On driftwood far right (Peacock moss)
2. Hygro Pinnatifada
3. Staurogyne Tropica (far left)
4. On stainless steel plates (fissidens moss, mini pellia leftovers, nano moss)

Plants that i currently want:

1. Eriocaulon cinereum
2. Eriocaulon sp. Shiga (this plant should arrive this week)
3. Syngonathus 'Madeira' (currently after this plant - still deciding)
4. Pogo Helferi - i need more in the front but seems to be growing slowly - conditions not right?

Other things that I need:

1. Background to the tank - Will have to get off my arse and ask where i can get one large enough.
2. Lily Pipes - I have been wanting one of these for ages - on the backburner.
3. New Regulator - Really want a Dupla one but its too expensive - maybe one day.

Just getting into making my own ferts now but I need to finish off my Seachem Comprehensive ferts first. I have ordered a lot of ferts from Dave.

Magnesium Sulphate
"K2SO4" - 500g
Monopotassium Phosphate "KH2PO4" - 500g
Potassium Sulphate "K2SO4" - 500g
Potassium nitrate - 500g
PMDD Cronin's formula - 500g

At the rate that I am using these ferts, they will probably last forever.

Monday, March 5, 2012

[EHEIM OPAL] - Change of Plan (t) s

Above: 2 New Lionhead Cichlids were added to my tank. From my understanding these are semi-aggressive. Left is the female (named Bigmouth) and right is the male (named King). Within 48 hours The King had established his "territory" under the piece of driftwood towards the right of the tank. When I pulled out the java fern, the shrimp went flying and these two bullies made a quick meal of them. You can see he has one of my super reds in his mouth.

I have sold off a lot of plants in the past week.
The following plants are now gone:

1. Ambulia
2. Java Fern
3. Limnophilia
4. HC (have replanted the carpet)
5. Windelov Java Fern (I love this plant so I had to replant a pup - last lot was given away as a gift)

This sell-off has funded my way for a set of plants that are on the way via Auspost. (thank you Forever Mango).

1. Crinum Calamistratum
2. Tri-colour lotus (my last one died)
3. Tonina fluviatilis
4. Ludwigia senegalensis
5. Ludwigia sp Cuba
6. Marimo balls
7. Taiwan moss

As a result I will need to seriously upgrade my fertilisation schedule. Therefore I have decided to purchase an EHEIM Autodoser to do the job for me as I have been very slack. Hopefully this will solve the yellowing problem I am beginning to get on some plants.
I have done a lot of reading on measuring dry ferts as well

"Dosing with Grubs”

Sears Cronin paper is in the web site

The following links are just for my reference. I think I will follow Cronin's guide for now and see what happens. I will post some pics of the new plants when they arrive in a week.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

SHRIMP TANK - Snow whites


All five snow whites are still alive and growing. Although too small to sex, they are a decent size now and should survive to adulthood fingers crossed. I have added two CBS to my Benibachi shrimp tank and they seem to be doing okay. I do not see why not as the canister filter already has mature media.

I will add a few more shrimp in the following week.