Sunday, April 29, 2012

[SHRIMP TANK] - Snow White Berried

Above: My snow whites, a black faced CBS and pregnant SS black crystal shrimp.

It is time for an update on my Crystal Shrimp Tank.

A few things have happened in the past month. Firstly my Snow whites are adults now. I have counted 2 males and 3 females (I think). One female has berried and one has already produced shrimplets (all SS). The challenge now is trying individually breed them to produce more snow whites.

I just want to give credit to Dad who spends a lot of time caring for my shrimp. He is certainly doing a better job than I am. Thank you Dad
More updates will follow in future.

I am currently preparing another 3 foot tank to selectively breed these shrimp.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

[EHEIM OPAL] Full tank list April 2012

top left: FTS top right: Inline Bazooka

So finally here is an update of my EHEIM OPAL as promised with a full tank plant and fish list.
I got my Lily Pipes today thanks to Adam @ Aquascape design. Looks great in the tank and has replaced the green bland looking EHEIM spray bar.
Also thanks to Doron @ ALife for giving me advice on increasing my CO2 output. I have now attached the CO2 cylinder to an inline bazooka diffuser. (see above pic).
The results are astonishing. The bubbles are now so fine it looks very hazy. If you look carefully in the above picture, there is a fine mist of CO2 coming out of the lily pipe to the right. It is not a cloudy tank but in fact a tank with microbubbles full of CO2.
If you look to the left of the tank you will see the Vortech fan in action. It has leaves attached to the foam around it hence it looks camouflaged.

From left to right
- Staurogyne tropica (left carpet plant)
- Ludwigia sp Cuba (far left back of tank)
- Proserpinaca Palustris (furthest back centre with long leaves)
- Tonina fluviatilis (back centre)
- Rotala macrandra (back left red orange plant)
- Syngonathus 'manaus' (bushy plant centre with spiky upward facing leaves)
- Syngonathus 'belem' (bushy plant centre with downward facing spiky leaves)
- Eriocaulon sp. shiga (left, centre small bush like spiky plant next to rock behind tiger lotus)
- Tiger lotus pups (centre front and left front of tank)
- Hygrophila pinnatifida (right of driftwood centre and growing right back of tank)
- Peacock moss (on driftwood - almost dead as has been nuked)
- Ludwigia senegalensis (far right corner - trimmed)
- Windelov Java Fern (on driftwood)
- Bolbitis (on driftwood)
- Needle leaf Java Fern (on driftwood - back piece)
- Mini Pellia (top right of tank on propagating SS mesh)
- Amazon frogbit (floating top of tank)
- Crinum Calamistratum (Centre of tank)

Fish list
- Lionheads (i want them gone)
- Clown killi remaining survivor (short lifespan i hear) x 1
- Corydoras sterbai x 1
- Albino Plecs (Ugly has boy friends now x 3)
- Cardinals x 3
- Corydoras x 2
- Yoyo Loaches x 2
- SAE (yes they are still with me and cheeky as ever x 3)
- Longtail Plecs x2

Monday, April 23, 2012

[SHRIMP TANK] Mosses Added

An update on my shrimp tank. Yellow cherries are doing well. The berried one just dropped all its eggs but it is to be expected as she is a new mother and the tank is not completely cycled.
I have added 3 types of mosses to the tank. Taiwan moss, US Fissidens and Nano Moss (seen in the middle picture).
The Full Tank Shot of the EHEIM Opal + Full Plant list should be in my next update. The lily pipes have not arrived as they have been lost in transit last week. This has caused me to delay my update on the tank. Once they arrive I will post the update as promised.

Have a great Anzac Holiday

Sunday, April 15, 2012

[EHEIM OPAL] - Vortech MP10 ES

I just purchased a new toy and upgraded my pipes in my aquarium.

1. Vortech MP10 Ecosmart fan
2. Lily Pipes from Aquascape Design

I will post some before and after pictures in the next update showing what my tank looks like before the new equipment and after installation.. I am sure with the Lilly pipes and new pump the tank will look a lot cleaner and less cluttered. The plants are going great guns. Above are some pictures of the Crinum showing new leaves. I have given up doing a complete new rescape for the time being.

The thing I love about the Vortech MP10 is not only its efficiency and clean look but also how quiet it is. At the moment it is running in Eco-smart nutrient transport mode (see below) until I figure out what mode is best for a freshwater planted aquarium.

I am also planning to setup a nano salt water tank soon. When that is done I will make another blog.

Next update: I will do another update on the complete plant list in my Eheim Opal.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

[EHEIM OPAL] Tank water now clear

The female snow white has berried today. They should be due to hatch at the beginning of May. The yellow cherry also berried up a few days ago but unfortunately dropped half her eggs.

Also my Eheim Opal water has finally cleared up so here is an updated picture. Notice anything different? I have added a black background. I have also started dosing phosphorous into the tank as PMDD does not contain any. Tank is still a little messy and I am just waiting for the plants to fill in more.

I am planning to set up another star fire tank in the near future and I am getting some prices for it. I have already bought a CO2 cylinder and regulator in preparation for it. Currently I am deciding between a 60x45x40 and a 80x45x40. Most likely I will go for the 2 footer.

Computer is playing up a bit at the moment so i will post a more detailed update later on.

Next in the works for the EHEIM OPAL:

- Might replace the driftwood with one that better suits the tank.
- Remove the stones on the left side?
- Lilly Pipes
- Pogo Helferi (i need this plant but don't have the space for it yet)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SHRIMP TANK - Eggs visible in Yellow Cherry

Wow another friggin update! Yes 3 updates in one day! Reason for these updates is the coming Easter Break. I thought I would share a picture of my female yellow cherry with a bright yellow saddle. She is due to be berried soon.

Next in my "to purchase list"

1. Another tank with CO2 setup
2. EHEIM Professional filter
3. Lilly pipes

[EHEIM OPAL] Major tank cleanup

Make sure you remember not to suck all the way!
Or you get poo water in your mouth and that will really suck!

For those of you considering to purchase a 3+ foot tank, make sure you are aware of how much effort it takes to do water changes before you go and spend all your hard earned cash. I replanted my staurogyne on the left side of my tank as it was getting a little messy and let me assure you; it was a hell of a lot of work. Lucky for me I actually enjoy doing this.

END result: Cloudy tank and terrified fish.

[EHEIM OPAL] New Toys for my Opal

With the upcoming Easter Break work has been so busy so I had more dosh to splurge.

Therefore I have purchased the following items.

1. German made Tunze Regulator and ofcourse German made Solenoid and Brass Bubble Counter + Check Valve. Out with the Up Aqua Regulator - the solenoid died on me after JUST 1 F*cking week!

2. EHEIM Autodoser - I just do not have the time to measure everything. As you know I now dose everything with PMDD. This consists of:
  • 14g K2SO4
  • 6g KNO3
  • 33g MGSO4
  • 9g Chelated Iron
I then mix 100g of this solution into 500mL of water to make up 600mL. There have been varying opinions on how to dose this into the tank. The main article recommends 1mL/50L per day. For my EHEIM OPAL which is 200L, I am going to start with 3mL/day then reduce the dose to 2mL daily. I will keep dosing till i get about 5-10ppm (mg/mL) of Nitrates in my water.
If you are following my guide make sure you store the rest of the ferts in the fridge and label it so no one decides to take a swig and ends up hospital!