Sunday, July 21, 2013

[SHRIMP TANK] Ruby red pictures

G'day everyone,

I have just trimmed my plants again and the tank is again looking fresh. The ludwigia glandulosa has been moved to the back left side of the tank as it looked a little messy in the middle. I have also recently divided the bucephalandra and am curious as to how large it will grow. It is certainly a very slow growing plant. The HC in the front right section has recently taken off and hopefully will start to cover some of the foreground. 

Now to the shrimp. Ruby red is still going strong. Here are some pictures of the red wine and the black cherries. I have recently separated a very awesome blue cherry from the black colony. Looks very royal blue unfortunately the pictures do it no justice.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


A quick update on my Eheim Opal. Did a massive trim a few days ago and cut all the syngonathus plants short. I also purchased another large piece of driftwood for the right side of the aquarium. Hopefully the plants will fill in nicely. The mini java fern is growing nicely and I am planning to fill various areas of the driftwood with it. The right side of the aquarium still needs some work. 
A brief description of the plants in the tank: (spelling may be wrong just jotting it from memory)

On the driftwood
- Mini java fern
- Bucephalandra
- Native bolbitis
- Mini bolbitis
- Fissidens
On the substrate
- Syngonathus manaus and belem (front left)
- Sao Paolo (back left)
- Staurogyne (front right)
- HC (front)
- Eriocaulon shiga (front middle)
- Crinum (back left)
- Hygrophila pinnatifiada (back right)
- Ludwigia ovalis (middle)
There are other plants in there but I just cannot think of the names at the moment

Now for the shrimp. As some of you may know I am now taking a break from the shrimp hobby. My kks have all grown up from being juvies and I will post a few pictures below. The tiny rruby red shrimplet posted previously has already grown to a considerable size. (see the youtube video below)

The sunkist are looking nice - nice strong speckly orange on the adults. The red crystals are nice and solid with red legs and face. I have also fine tuned my black cherries to a solid black colour. The red rillis still need some work however.