Sunday, August 24, 2014

[1ft IWAGUMI] Algae Battle Begins

 Wow it has been a while since I have put up an update on the 1 foot Nano cube.
Sometimes i wonder if anyone actually reads my blog. If you are a regular to my blog please let me know as it gives me motivation to update it more often.

Since filling the nano I have been plagued with problems.

Here is a quick summary of the highlights:

1. HC has finally rooted. time to fill

2. Tank filled at the beginning of August. I am very happy and excited. CO2 ordered and has arrived. Light put on a timer for 6 hours a day. Fingers crossed. Diatom battle incoming. 

3. Outbreak of Rhizoclonium ( I believe that is what it is called). I tried nuking some of it with H202 in a 1mL syringe but ended up destroying the HC carpet on the right front corner of the tank. Now i resort to daily 50% water changes. I have also planted the back of the aquarium with fast growing stem plants. As of today (25/8/14) I am double dosing excel and adding 10ppm of KNO3 in an attempt to beat the algae infestation. To reach 10ppm I have added 20g of KNO3 powder to 500mL of water and mixed it into a bottle. I am dosing 10mL of this solution daily then as needed.