Friday, September 26, 2014

[EHEIM OPAL] Sandy Paradise Aquascape

The time comes when for no reason you decide to turn your tank into a muddy mess and do some back breaking heavy lifting and mud siphoning.
Then comes the endless waves of anxiety as you pull out plant after plant and rescue the fish for the inevitable Armageddon that lies ahead.

Here is a list of items that I purchased

- About 20kg of Seiryu/Yingshi rock
- Bag of La Plata Sand
- Bag of Caribsea Rio Grande
- Bag of River Sand
- Driftwood

I love looking at white sandy beaches so I wanted to do something that would remind me of the Isle of Pines. Here are a couple of photos.

Rocks to be used in the scape
Pre-Sand Layout
 La Plata Sand added
Experimenting with sand colour tone
 Full Tank Shot

Water Filled

[1ft IWAGUMI] Algae War Over. Aquascape photo

It has been a hard battle for my nano. The 3 day blackout did not help and killed all my HC but the water changes did seem to help a little. 

I dont know what exactly i did that destroyed the algae but here is a list of things i performed:
- Put in a few fish (pleco + cardinal tetra + darwin algae shrimp)
- Water change with water from my other aquarium
- KNO3 dosing
- Turned UP temp to 24 degrees

Here is a photo of how the nano Aquascape looks today. Enjoy :)