Friday, May 19, 2017

Bucephalandra under Illumagic LEDs

What a killer plant! This Bucephalandra brownie purple is showing some very nice colouration under the Illumagic COBs. I would love to see how this plant changes colours under programmable LEDs with different spectral outputs. Thank you Jaya! Awesome plant.

I have also acquired Bucephalandra champagne (lower right). The new leaves are a lot paler than the older leaves. Would love to see this one also grow out into a clump. I think it would look very beautiful under blue LEDs.

Stay tuned! 

Watch the unboxing here

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blue Bolt Taiwan Shrimp feeding off Weeping moss

My favourite shrimp and my favourite moss in the same photo. Beautiful!

Bucephalandra Brownie Purple

Hi everyone as many of you are aware of, I am very fond of the Bucephalandra genus of plants. Apart from the Brownie Phantom I posted up earlier, I have recently acquired another 2 colours - the Brownie Purple and the Champagne; both of which look stunning!

I also currently keep the Brownie Blue, Brownie Red and Brownie metallica variants.

Thank you Jaya! Here is a picture of the brownie purple. I will take more in future when it has settled in my tank.

(photo provided by Jaya)

Prevention, Treatment and control of BBA Black Beard Algae

We all have algae woes in our aquariums at some stage or other. BBA also known as Black Beard Algae or Black Brush Algae is one of the most common types of Algae found in many newly set up aquariums. This video discusses what it is and how to eliminate it. Enjoy

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Making your own aquarium fertiliser

When i first started planted aquariums. I went through bottles and bottles of Seachem comprehensive and trace. It cost me a lot in time and visits to the store and postage. Then i did some research and have come up with a convenient way to make your own fertiliser at home with simple instructions.

Today I will share this with you guys in a video i made. All you need to do is dose your aquarium with several squirts from the bottle every day.

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